Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is World War 3 Coming Soon?

Many have seen the slowly increasing tension between NATO and the Eastern alliances.  President Medvedev has ordered his nation to take a defensive posture against NATO due to the inability to work together on the new missile sheild which was installed around the European continent. 

Russia repeatedly asked to work together on the missile defense system but NATO refused to comply. 

In response to this Russia has launched a series of radar systems along its western most borders as a sign of retaliation for refusal of alliance.  Russia views NATO as a threat due to the unwillingness to work together on the missile sheild.

Why would NATO refuse to cooperate with Russia on a defensive missile sheild.  This refusal is an aggressive move by NATO. 

Russia also views the recent  NATO backed military campaigns such as airstrikes in Libya as unfavorable.  As a result Russia has again taken a defensive posture  against NATO by moving warships into Syrian waters.   The reason for this move is an eerily similar chain of events   currently taking place in Syria very similar to the conditions in Libya before the NATO airstrike campaign which killed civilians.

As tensions continue to increase one can only ask themselves how much longer the cold war will go on before it turns into a final agreement whether it be peace or war.  It is obvious that NATO does not see Russia as an ally if they have constructed a missile sheild around all of Europe and refused the offer by Russia for joint maintenance and friendly cooperation.

Another example of NATO aggresiveness is the deployment of a nuclear strike force into Syrian waters within an uncomforably close distance to Russian warships.   

If NATO continues invading other countries for no purpose then we will most likely see some kind of skirmish or confrontation within the next five years.  That is only if NATO continues in its current pattern of overthrowing regimes and attempting to gain control of nations in the middle east and other parts of the world. 

There is only one solution to this and that is a compromise and agreement on the missile sheild and several other important issues.  To avoid a peaceful compromise is to ensure global war and all out destruction of mankind.  It is up to everyone to make others aware of this situation.  The average person can only assist in sharing the information to others to make a difference.  It is our duty as a species to prevent this war from occuring to let others be ignorant is the same as lying about a tsunami to village folk before it wipes out their village.   

"I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein